Humboldtians & invited quests

A limited numbers of free of charge accommodation in Hotel Krakowiak (2*) for 1-3 nights including breakfast is offered. The informal booking at is necessary. Dead-line: Wednesday 3rd June 2015

Invited young researchers

The free of charge accommodation in student’s dormitory Olimp (double room, including breakfast) is offered. The booking is necessary – dead-line: Wednesday 3rd June 2015.

Other participants

The accommodation in Hotel Krakowiak at the price of 100 zł/per night (single room) or 150 zł (double) is offered. The breakfast cost 15 zł.

The booking of overnight please do per informal email to the address

If you wish to extend your stay in Cracow (for a fee), please send us a message. In the case of cancellation we ask you to inform us as soon as possible via email. Cancellations made after June 18, 2015 will incur a charge for hotel.



The participants will be accommodated in the following hotels:


Armii Krajowej St. 9

30-150 Cracow
phone +48 12 662-64-55; +48 12 662-70-00;
fax. +48 12 662-64-53



Armii Krajowej St. 9A

30-150 Kraków

phone +48/012/662-70-00; +48/012/662-69-91

fax: +48/012/662-70-05



OLIMP Dom Studencki DS.-1

  1. Rostafińskiego 9

30-072 Kraków

Telefon: 12 617 37 01




How to reach hotels Krakowiak and Za Kolumnami as well as the student hostel OLIMP?

Krakowiak and Za Kolumnami are located next to each other and the route to both of them is the same.

The student hostel OLIMP is located also nearby.

From railway station

The simplest, direct way to get to the Krakowiak Hotel and to the Za Kolumnami Hotel as well as the hostel OLIMP from the railway station is to take the bus number 501, departing from the nearby Politechnika stop. The route after leaving the train is as follows:

  • Go back along the platform about 100 m and enter the tunnel at its end.
  • In the tunnel go to left, at the end of the tunnel turn right and then left. On the left you will see the red building of the PK-Technical University.
  • Go to the bus stop Politechnika (next to the hotel Ibis). (This part of the route is labeled on the map 2. as The fastest route to the Politechnika stop).
  • Take the bus number 501, running to Bronowice Male. It runs 3 times per hour.
  • Get off at the 5th stop, named Przybyszewskiego. The Krakowiak Hotel and the Za Kolumnami Hotel are located on the opposite side of the street, next to the Novotel Hotel.


For the student hostel OLIMP you leave the bus one stop earlier (named Miasteczko Akademickie). The hostel is located on the opposite side of the street in the high-rise house.


From the bus station (and also from the railways station)


From the lower level of the bus station you are going through the main hall of railways station and shopping mall “Galeria Krakowska” and using escalator you arrive the bus and tram stops in the Pawia Street. Take the whichever tram or bus going to right for one stop named Politechnika. Then you change to the bus number 501 (see above)


From the airport

From the airport, take the city bus number 208 and get off at the 19th stop, named Przybyszewskiego in the front of the Krakowiak Hotel and the Za Kolumnami Hotel, next to the hotel Novotel. For the student hostel OLIMP you leave the bus one stop away (named Miasteczko Akademickie)

The bus runs 1-2 times per hour.

You can take also the city bus number 292 direction Dworzec Główny Wschód and get off at the 22nd stop named Cracovia (travel duration about 25   minutes). From the same stop you take the bus number 173 direction Azory and get of at the at 4th stop named Przybyszewskiego.  The Krakowiak hotel is located on the opposite side of the street, next to the hotel Novotel.

For the student hostel OLIMP you are going with bus number 173 only three stops until stop Miasteczko Akademickie.

The busses 292 and 173 run 3 times per hour.


Public Transport

 Kraków has an extensive network of bus and tram lines. Tickets can be bought from newspaper kiosks, ticket vending machines (located near some bus stops and often inside buses) or from a bus driver (with an additional charge). The regular price of a normal, single journey ticket is 3.80 PLN. Special fare tickets are required for buses to and from the airport. They are called Aglomeracyjne and cost 4.00 PLN (single journey) or 5.00 PLN (valid 1 hour and change of bus/tram is allowed). On boarding, tickets should be validated by punching.


There are a lot of various discount fares, especially for multijourneys. The fares as well as the schedule of the city buses and trams can be found at



 Balice airport bus transfers

Balice airport is twelve kilometers from the center of the city and is easily accessed by bus. The bus lines 208, 292 (daytime services) and 902 (operates through the nighttime) connect the airport with the railway station.

More detailed information on how to reached the airport can be found at its website:




The following companies provide 24 hours service:


RADIO TAXI 19191 (phone +48 12 196 33, +48 12 196 88,



RADIO TAXI BARBAKAN (phone +48 12 196 61,



RADIO TAXI MEGA (phone +48 12 196 25, website